Fatemeh Davand is one of the detainees in November 2019 and a witness in the People’s Court of Aban

Fatemeh Davand, a Kurdish citizen and one of the detainees in November 2019 and a witness in the Aban People’s Court, said that the Turkish police arrested her and transferred her to a special deportation camp.

The former political prisoner made the announcement in a video and told the human rights website Hengav that after her arrest, Turkish security police transferred him to the Central Deportation Camp in the city of Kayseri and informed her that he would soon be released. They will deport.

Ms. Davand was arrested during the November 2019 protests and sentenced by a court to 3 years and 9 months in prison. He was released on parole in November last year after serving a third of his sentence and was released from Urmia Central Prison.

Ms. Davand, who was also a witness at the International Court of Justice in November, left the Islamic Republic of Iran for Turkey in the winter of 2021 due to constant pressure.

This news was published simultaneously with the issuance of a statement by 15 human rights organizations condemning the harassment of witnesses of the Aban International Court and their families by the security services of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

According to a statement from the human rights organization, since the first round of trials in November, Ministry of Intelligence agents have harassed a number of witnesses and their families, including arbitrary detention, prosecution of vague national security charges, telephone threats, and summonses for forced interrogations. And have attacked their place of residence and work.