Afshin Amini, a Kurdish political refugee, has been out of his home in Sulaymaniyah since March 17, and his phone is off, and no information is available about his fate.

Afshin is a member of Komala, an Iranian opposition organization based in Sulaymaniyah. Afshin, who has been a member of the organization for 14 years, has been living as an asylum seeker in a residential complex in Sulaimaniyah for the past two years. He is married and his job was painting buildings.

On the night of March 17, after a phone call, he left his house. After a few hours, his wife became worried and called him, but his phone was turned off.

No news of him has been available since that day, and security forces’ efforts to find a clue about the political refugee have been unsuccessful.

Abdullah Azarbar, a member of the Komala political bureau, said that they were in constant contact with the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) security forces to find the political refugee, but that no information had been received about Afshin’s fate.

Regarding the possibility of assassination or abduction of this political refugee by Iranian-affiliated elements, he said: “Several members of Kurdish opposition parties in Iran have already been killed or abducted by Iranian-affiliated forces in Iraqi Kurdistan, but in all cases shortly after these Terroristsy actions are aware of the fate of the victims. But they have not received any information about Afshin’s fate for three weeks.