Afshin Amini, 36 Iranian Kurdish political refugees living in Sulaimaniyah, in Iraqi Kurdistan, has been missing for more than two weeks.
This political refugee, who was a member of Komaleh party for more than 14 years, has been living in the city of Sulaymaniyah for two years as a political refugee.
He is a building painter and is married.
Kaveh Amini, Afshin’s brother, stated that on the night of March 17, Afshin informed his wife before leaving the house that he had to make an appointment and later his phone was switched off and they have not heard from him yet.
Efforts by security forces and Afshin’s party to find clues about Afshin’s fate have been unsuccessful.
The assassination and abduction of Iranian Kurdish political activists living in the Kurdistan region is common.
In the past 40 years, Iranian security forces have assassinated or abducted more than 500 political activists opposed to the Islamic Republic of Iran outside Iran. Of these, nearly 70% of terrorist attacks by Iranian security forces and the Revolutionary Guards have taken place in Iraqi Kurdistan, and the Kurds have been the biggest victims of assassinations by Iranian forces.
This point has raised concerns about the fate of Afshin Amini.