Danish police forcibly force a Kurdish refugee woman named Gadam Khair Haghizadeh from Sarpol-e Zahab with her two 10-year-old children, who lived in Avnstrup, Denmark, to board a plane and deport the family to Istanbul.

According to the report, after 7 years of residence and asylum application, the Danish police separated the woman with her two sons, Younes and Yusuf, from her husband and another one-year-old child, and forcibly transferred them to the refugee deportation camp.

The mother was taken to Istanbul, Turkey with her two children, but due to injured herself and protests from passengers police were forced to return the family to Denmark .

It is worth mentioning that the family had applied for asylum in Denmark in 2015, but the asylum application of Gadam Khair Haghizadeh and his two sons was rejected by the Danish Asylum Organization and their deportation order was issued.

It should be noted that, at present, the Gadam Khair is kept in a separate camp due to the deterioration of his physical condition.