“We follow the original marja’ of the Shiites, not the Iranian, Afghan and Indian authorities, because they are not Sayyids, even if their turbans are black,” said Naif Kurdistani, a member of the KDP , in a tweet. Its make shiis angery, Because it was considered an insult to him.

Although Naif Kurdistan will first apologize and later say that he has been hacked, the anger of Sistani followers increased and the headquarters of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in Baghdad was set on fire.

Also, the Democratic Party’s apology and Deny membership of Naif Kurdistani and his arrest could not reduce the anger of Ayatollah Sistani’s supporters.

The acquittal of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) from Naif Kurdistan comes as he is a trusted member of the party and was the party’s candidate in the 2018 Iraqi parliamentary elections.

Apart from this, the coalition between the Democratic Party of Iraqi Kurdistan and the Sadrists is on this issue; If the Kurds accept Muqtada al-Sadr as the sole marja’ of the Iraqi Shiites, the Sadrists will interact with Massoud Barzani as the sole marja’ of the Kurds.

In fact, this incident is considered the first blow and insult to the position of Ali Sistani as a Shiite authority.

This means that Naif Kurdistani has not only committed a crime, but also recounted his party’s recent policy in a tweet.