Yesterday, March 25, a group of kulbers in the border area of ​​”Siranband” in Baneh, Kurdistan Province, were shot by border guards, as a result of which a young kulber named Rostam Khezri was killed.
The body of this kulber was transferred by a group of kulbers to one of the medical centers in the city of Sulaimaniyah in the Kurdistan region.
Rostam Khezri, 25, was from Oshnoyeh, West Azerbaijan Province.
In 2021, at least 46 Kurdish kulber in the border areas of the provinces of West Azerbaijan, Kurdistan and Kermanshah were killed and 122 people were injured in border shootings, natural disasters and shootings. Of these, 17 were killed by Iranian troops and four were killed by Turkish border guards. A kulber child committed suicide after his cargo was confiscated by Iranian border guards. 5 kulber sdue to avalanches, 3 kulbers due to frost, 3 kulbers due to falling from heights, 3 kulbers due to heart attack while carrying cargo, 1 kulber due to drowning in the river and 9 kulbers due to road accidents They shook hands.

This year, 74 kulbers were shot and tortured by the Iranian border guards, three kulbers were shot and tortured by the Revolutionary Guards, three kulbers were shot and tortured by the Turkish border guards, one kulber was fired by the Iraqi border guards and 12 kulbers were shot down. 3 people were injured from a height by a mine explosion. 26 kulbers have also been injured in various other accidents.

Also in 2021, at least 5 Kurdish businessmen were killed by Iranian military forces and one person was wounded by Iranian military bullets.