Following the protest of the IRGC media in Gorgan; A statue of a woman was collected because her leg was exposed
Following media protests by the Revolutionary Guards affiliated with a statue of a woman in Gorgan, entitled “Improper coverage of the culture of Dar al-Momenin” due to the lack of long pants and clear legs, two Golestan governor’s officials announced that the statue was ordered by the Gorgan Prosecutor’s Office. Has been collected.

In a country where corruption, mismanagement, embezzlement, poverty, unemployment, high prices, etc. are rampant, all of these are ignored, but women’s hair, youth clothing, and obstruction of liberty are the main concerns of the ruling system.

In Iran, where a large part of the country’s capital is spent on the regime’s provocations in the Middle East, and the Iranian people’s money goes to the pockets of extremist groups such as Hamas, the Lebanese Hezbollah and the Yemeni Houthis, most Iranians are below the poverty line.
The Islamic system of Iran has darkened the world of the people of the country and is thinking about the hereafter of the people ?!
In other words, the leg of this statue is known to provoke young people sexually and radiate sin, but the poverty and administrative and financial corruption of the officials have no effect on the religion and faith of the people?

The Islamic regime of Iran is anti-women and anti-art and all beauties.