In some cities in Iranian Kurdistan, security forces raided participants in the Nowruz celebrations, and a number of organizers and participants in the Nowruz celebrations were arrested.

According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, Nowruz celebrations were held in all Kurdish areas of Iran on Sunday, March 20, while in most cities the organizers were threatened by security forces.
Also in the cities of Oshnoyeh, Piranshahr and Urmia, special guard forces harassed the participants in the Nowruz ceremony.
Security forces tried to disperse the crowd by using weapons and firing tear gas.

According to human rights activists in Iranian Kurdistan, at least five participants in the Nowruz celebrations in Sanandaj have been arrested:
Sohrab Jalali 60 years old
khalu jamal 65
daye batool 75
Fouad Enayati, 35 years old
14-year-old Ariana Salimi

Also today, March 21, Iranian security forces raided the village of Ney in Marivan and prevented the Nowruz celebrations.
Security forces opened fire on the crowd, injuring a number of Kurdish citizens, according to some local sources.
According to numerous reports on human rights websites, dozens of Kurdish citizens have been summoned to the intelligence services of various Kurdish cities in recent weeks and have been given a written commitment to prevent them from attending and attending the Nowruz celebrations.
In early October, the Kurdpa website reported that 18 people had been arrested in connection with the Nowruz celebrations since the beginning of the year 1400.

According to reports, districts and governorates in Kurdish areas in recent weeks have issued a statement to executive officials banning the Nowruz celebrations, the use of the “Kurdistan flag”, jamaneh, roses, dancing and mixed dancing by men and women, and the use of symbols. The Iranian government had emphasized in the New Year ceremony.