“Her daughter was killed by her brother,” said the father of Iman Sami, a women’s rights activist and social media activist in Iraqi Kurdistan whose body was found in Erbil last night.

Sami Maqdid, Iman Sami’s father known as Maria, said in a telephone interview that he had not had an affair with his daughter for two years.

He also said that his daughter did not pay attention to her family and did not live with them.

Maria, who was married at the age of 14, said she lived alone after her divorce from her father because she and her family were worried about Maria being left alone.
The life of single women is not accepted in Eastern societies, especially in Kurdistan.

“Maria was killed by her 18-year-old brother,” Maria’s father said.
On the night of the incident, my son grabbed my brother’s car and saw his sister on the way and asked her to go home with him, but Maria refused and they argued and her son shot her.