Continuation of the crimes of the Iranian regime in Kurdistan:

Execution of four Kurdish citizens, arrest of 28 political and civil activists, and killing and wounding of 10 kulbers  in one month.

Statistics on human rights violations in February

The report of human rights violations in February 2022 was collected despite the efforts of the Kurdistan Human Rights Society and was collected based on reports and news contained in this organization.

This report is incomplete by the Islamic Republic of Iran due to the limited activities of human rights organizations and the prohibition of activists in this field from operating in Iran and Kurdistan, and provides only a summary of human rights violations in Kurdistan.

The Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran has blocked the civil, political and social rights of Kurdish citizens by detaining them, and the violation of security and personal rights, the right to life and discrimination in the governmental sector is a policy pursued daily by the Government of Iran.


This month, the policy of execution of citizens continues as before, with four executions in Kurdistan province.

Assassination and Missing Persons:

It is worth noting that the assassination of civilians by the Iranian government is endless. In connection with this case, the suspicious death of two citizens and the wounding of three people as a result of direct fire have been reported.

Arrest and imprisonment:

This month, we have witnessed the continuous arrest and detention of citizens in Urmia, Sanandaj, Kermanshah, Mahabad, Khorramabad, Ilam, Piranshahr, Bukan and Lorestan. According to reports, 23 men and five women civil and political activists were arrested this month, and 18 men and two women were sentenced to prison.

Kulbers and Merchant:

As always, the kulbers are targeted by direct fire from the Iranian armed forces. Direct fire by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, which is known as a terrorist group, as well as the border forces towards kulbers, resulted in the death of 3 people and the wounding of 7 kulbers and businessmen. It is worth mentioning that so far no institution or body in Iran and Kurdistan has taken action in this regard and no one has been convicted in connection with these crimes.


The suicide rate of citizens is constantly increasing. This month, we have witnessed the suicide and killing of citizens, especially among adolescents and women. The number of suicides and homicides this month is 26, of which 15 have committed suicide and 11 others have been killed.

According to the breakdown of suicide and homicide statistics, 2 women and 9 men were killed and three women and 12 men committed suicide for various reasons.

mine explosion:

According to reports received this month, 4 people were injured due to a mine explosion.

Finally, the Kurdistan Human Rights Association calls on the Kurdish community and people to strive for their legal and natural rights, to publish any human rights violations, and to strive for a free society.