In recent days, after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we have witnessed beautiful scenes of widespread unity and solidarity around the world. Both in condemnation of the war and in solidarity with the Ukrainians.
But more disturbing than Putin’s provocations and seeing the pain of the war-torn Ukrainian people were the words of some analysts, journalists and even some officials who condemned the war by emphasizing the Ukrainian race.
For example, one said: these people who are being bombed have blue eyes and yellow hair, another said, these war-torn people are like Europeans and not like the people of Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan.
Another said that these people, like the Europeans, use Instagram and Netflix and ride in cars like ours, and the beautiful cities and buildings of their cities are destroyed!
This means that only the right to life, welfare and reconciliation is recognized for some people.
This means a selective approach to transcendent human concepts, such as human rights, peace and freedom.
From their point of view, civilization means prosperous cities, tall buildings, clean streets, and new model cars!
That means using Instagram and Netflix!
But no! The criterion of humanity is adherence to human concepts, and civilization means the place where man has the highest position, beyond color, language, religion and thoughts.
The blood of all of human is red, it is a sinister war, wherever there is a war, it must be condemned without exception.

Whatever the color of our skin and eyes, whatever our language is, whatever our religion is, whether our cities are prosperous or ruined, life and peace and rights are the equal rights of all of us.
So no to racism, yes to opposing war all over the world.