What Donald Trump failed to accomplish in four years, Joe Biden did in a matter of months.
Trump has deepened the rift between Europe and the United States with his push for a boycott of the Nord Stream and his threats to leave NATO. The only winners of this policy were Putin and Russia.
But Biden , by managing the Ukraine crisis, kept Europe away from Russia forever and left the Nord Stream to history.
United States need Europe for a trade and economic war with China, and now more than ever, Europe is ready to work with Washington.
And what about Putin?
If he insists on aggression and campaigning and the sanctions circle becomes tighter, this time the pressure from inside his country will push him back. Putin’s hegemony and all his efforts to restore Russia’s greatness have been shattered in the past few days.
All of Putin’s political capital was an attempt to restore Russia’s greatness, which had drawn the support of a wide range of nationalists and oligarchs in his country, but as sanctions intensify, Putin’s position and political future will be jeopardized.
The Ukrainian swamp will swallow Putin at great expense, but Biden will win at the lowest cost.
The next step will be the alignment of the United States and the Europeans and their allies in Asia and the Pacific against the Chinese commercial and industrial empire.