Saham News, a site close to Iran’s reformists, posted a picture of Ali Bagheri Kani, the political deputy foreign minister and senior nuclear negotiator, showing his indifference to his simplest personal affairs.

Bagheri Kani had come to Tehran to attend the meetings of the Supreme National Security Council of Iran to review the negotiation process, and left for Vienna on Sunday evening after the end of these meetings.

He appeared at one of the meetings while unzipping his pants, and the site wrote sarcastically, “Diplomacy of honor!” “This is a picture of the situation of the Iranian negotiator during an official meeting before leaving Tehran for Vienna,” he added.
Can a person who is indifferent to his simplest personal affairs decide to solve a country’s most complex problem? There are many examples of this, not even the Foreign Minister is fluent in English. The president is the execuWow, Iran is a tragic comic!