When Adolf Hitler invaded neighboring countries one after another, the reaction of other countries remained a warning and protest, until the Nazi army occupied a large part of Europe.

Even now, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s ambitions are reminiscent of Hitler’s ambitions.

After the Crimea overnight in 2014 and its actions in Syria and Libya, it now separates two parts of Ukraine from that country, the next step is the whole of eastern Ukraine, and if the US and Western countries remain silent and do not react decisively, Russia will take the last step. It will occupy Eastern Europe and the countries of the former Soviet Union.

Putin says he does not want the Russian Empire to be revived, but he has said so, and that Ukraine is an integral part of Russian history, which means that he wants to revive the Russian Empire.

But will Western countries (America and Europe) be late again? Is the issue of natural gas silencing Europe?

Turkey, on the other hand, which has distanced itself from the West in recent years and moved closer to Russia, has the same greed and calls for the revival of the Ottoman Empire.

After the Syrian crisis, it has taken steps in this direction, especially in Iraq and Syria.

The northern parts of Syria are occupied by Turkish and allied forces, occupied in complete silence by the United States and Europe, again established in complete silence by about 40 military bases in northern Iraq, and according to the plan by 2023 areas between Aleppo in Syria and Kirkuk in Iraq will be annexed to Turkey.

Turkey is also involved in Libyan tensions and is greedy for North Africa. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and other officials have repeatedly expressed their ambitions.

Will not Putin’s actions in Ukraine pave the way for Erdogan? Will the Western world not move too late again?

So history does not repeat itself, what is repeated is historical mistakes!