Last month, at least 50 Kurdish citizens were detained by the security forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran on charges of political, civil and religious activities, and seven activists were sentenced to prison by the judiciary.

According to human rights activists, in January 2022, at least 50 Kurdish citizens were detained by Iranian government security forces on charges of political, civil, and religious activity.

According to the report, 40 citizens were arrested on charges of political activity and cooperation with Kurdish parties, eight on charges of civic activity, and two on charges of religious activity.

Last month, at least five female activists were arrested in Kurdistan, and six detainees were arrested and transferred to prison to serve their sentences.

Most of the detainees were registered by the intelligence service with 36 cases, and 60% of the detainees (30 cases) were arrested after security forces raided their homes.

Also in January this year, at least seven Kurdish activists were sentenced by the judiciary of the Islamic Republic of Iran to a total of five years and 10 months in prison on charges of political and civil activity.