In relation to migration and those who migrate, my brain is always involved in several issues, for example, I can not understand why a person migrates to a place that knows well that the norms and principles that govern that society are contrary to his norms and way of thinking!

There are many examples of this, for example, those Islamic extremists who commit acts of violence in Western countries, or those who join extremist groups from Europe and the United States, or those who, under the pretext of “honor” killing their spouses, daughters and sisters.

Or I can not understand someone who has left his hometown for any reason and been forced to move to another place, constantly expressing longing for his hometown, I will never leave if I know well that I miss someone or somewhere.

Or beyond that, it is inconceivable to me that someone who says he is a refugee and seeks refuge in another country to save his life will return to his country after a few years, without any change in the regime of his original country. I have seen many of these people , basically I have an answer that these are good liars and deceivers!

Let’s go, but the poem “Migration”

If I were a Muslim
On foot
Or with a camel
I was walking the expressions
And I was going to Kabul
I kissed the Taliban
I called them brother
I deprived myself of all pleasures and beauties
If I were a communist
I swam across the oceans
In Cuba
I sent greetings to all my comrades
I took pictures with old cars every day
Leaf cigarette on the lips
I was talking about the workers’ union
If I liked the cold
I ran to the pole and
I hugged bears and penguins
I built a house out of ice and wrote my poems on the snow
If I loved the heat
Right in the middle of the remote desert in Africa
With a naked body
I introduced the sun to all my cells
but me
I’m in love
Even in prison, I seek freedom