In its latest report on the human rights situation in the world, Human Rights Watch said that Iran’s intelligence and judicial authorities continued to crack down on dissent in 2021, and lawmakers passed laws that increasingly violated human rights.

Over the past three years, security forces have responded to widespread protests, mostly over economic rights issues, with the use of excessive and illegal force, including lethal force, and thousands of protesters, according to the Human Rights Watch website. Have been arrested. However, they use prosecution and imprisonment as the main tools to silence the voices of prominent dissidents and human rights defenders. Authorities have shown no willingness to investigate serious human rights abuses under their control.

“Iranian authorities are inflicting irreparable damage on the entire nation by suppressing popular demands for civil, political, economic, social, and cultural rights, and a change of direction is necessary, inevitable, and necessary,” said Michael Page, Middle East deputy director at Human Rights Watch. .

Another part of the report on Iran’s economic situation says that deteriorating economic conditions due to government mismanagement, the Covid-19 epidemic, and US sanctions have increased poverty and reduced living standards for millions of people in Iran. The government has responded to the epidemic with recklessness and politicking, especially in the national vaccine plan, which was slow and opaque in the first months of 2021.

It is also said that the criminal investigation of the Iranian authorities into the downing of the Ukrainian plane in January 2020 was carried out by the Judiciary of the Armed Forces and is kept secret and the families of the victims receive very few details.

Iran remains one of the world’s leading executors of the death penalty. According to human rights groups, Iran executed at least 254 people between November 20, 2021, including seven on terrorism charges.

In its 322nd Annual Report (2022), published in 172 pages, Human Rights Watch examines the performance of human rights in about 100 countries.