According to human rights activists in Iranian Kurdistan, at least 48 Kurdish citizens were executed and more than 600 were arrested in 2021, of whom 103 were tried and sentenced to death, imprisonment, and flogging.
During this period, 215 kolbers and traders, as well as 30 civilians were killed and wounded, 43 civilians were killed by landmines, and 18 prisoners died in Kurdistan prisons.


in 2021, at least 48 Kurdish citizens have been executed in Iranian prisons. During this period, the death sentence of Haidar Ghorbani, a political prisoner, was carried out. Also, 31 cases have been sentenced to death for premeditated murder and 16 cases have been executed for drug-related crimes.
Last year, the death sentence of a defendant who was sentenced to death as a teenager, as well as a woman, was carried out.

Killing kolbers

in 2021, at least 52 Kurdish kolbers and traders have been killed and 163 injured.
Most of the kolbers and businessmen were killed in the borders of Kurdistan province (Sanandaj), which was 109 cases.
Of these 215 kolbers, 140 were killed or wounded by direct fire from the Iranian, Turkish and Iraqi armed forces, of which 134 were by the Iranian armed forces and 6 by the Turkish and Iraqi armed forces.
In 2021, at least 4 kolbers under the age of 18 were killed and 2 others were injured.

The names of all the kolbers and businessmen who were killed or injured in Kurdistan in 2021.- kolbersnews

Murder of ordinary citizens

In 2021, at least 30 Kurdish citizens were killed or wounded by direct fire from the Iranian armed forces on the borders of Kurdistan, 13 of whom lost their lives and 17 were injured.

Of the 30 citizens injured, four were women, one of whom was a 4-year-old girl.

Status of prisoners

In 2021, at least nine prisoners died in Kurdistan prisons, 10 of whom died under torture, and 4 of whom were political prisoners.

Also, 5 prisoners died due to lack of medical care and one prisoner committed suicide, and the cause of death of one prisoner is unknown.

Illegal and arbitrary detentions

Over the past year, more than 600 Kurdish citizens have been detained by the security services of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

So far, 567 of them have been identified, most of whom have been arrested on charges of political activity and collaborating with Kurdish opposition parties.

Thirty-seven women and 18 teenagers under the age of 18 are among those detained. The highest number of citizens was detained in West Azerbaijan Province (Urmia) with 286 registered cases.


In 2021, at least 103 Kurdish activists were tried by the courts of the Islamic Republic of Iran and sentenced to imprisonment, execution or flogging.

According to statistics, a total of 102 citizens were sentenced to 352 years and 6 months in prison and 560 lashes, and one political activist was sentenced to death.

Mine explosion

During 2021, at least 43 civilians were killed on the borders of Kurdistan by landmines and explosives left over from the Iran-Iraq war.

Of these 43, 15 lost their lives, and most of the victims were Kurdish farmers, traders and kolbers.

Also in 2021, international organizations such as the European Union and the United Nations condemned human rights violations in Iran.