According to the latest statistics from human rights activists in Iranian Kurdistan, at least 547 kolbers have been killed by Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and other Iranian military forces in the past 10 years.
According to the same statistics published on the kolber News website, 1061 kolbers have been injured in the past 10 years. And no one has been arrested or tried for firing on kolbers .
Kolbery is not a job, but the only means of livelihood for thousands of citizens, who are forced to do this difficult and dangerous job due to the lack of job opportunities in Iranian Kurdistan.
Forcing them to carry heavy loads on their shoulders in the border strip and on the roadways of impassable areas.
killing kolbers is one of the biggest cases of human rights violations in Iranian Kurdistan and is another page of the Iranian regime’s black record in the field of human rights, murder, oppression and discrimination against the Kurdish people.