Mohammed Amini

As crises deepen in Iran, pressure from regime security forces on political and civil activists has increased.
As in previous years, 2020 saw the greatest pressure on Kurdish activists.
During 2020, about 550 Kurdish political and civil activists were arrested by Iranian security forces.
A small number have been released, a small number have been released on bail, and most detainees remain in prison.
At least 118 people were arrested in a wave of arrests of political, civil and student activists in January this year.
In February, 25 people were arrested, in March, 46 people, most of whom were charged with participating in the Nowruz celebrations.
42 were arrested in April, 48 in May, 47 in June 22, 47 in August, 39 in September, 32 in October, 48 in November, and more than 30 Kurdish political and civil activists in December. Were.
The large number of detainees, on the one hand, indicates the intensification of pressure by Kurdish security forces on Kurdish activists, and on the other hand, is a reason for the flourishing of civil society in Iranian Kurdistan.
It is important to note that the number of referrals is only part of the actual statistics, as some arrests of activists have not been reported, and because of the Iranian regime’s obstruction of human rights organizations, only part of the arrests and pressure on civil and political activists were reported.