In a report on Monday, the human rights website Hengao reported at least “103 cases” of human rights violations in Kurdistan province in November, stating that at least four “prisoners” had been killed in prisons during that period.

According to the website, these prisoners died in Urmia and Sanandaj prisons.

Hengao also reported that 10 kulbers and traders were targeted at the border by the Islamic Republic’s border guards in November, saying that “four” of them had lost their lives.

According to the same report, six people were killed in an explosion in the cities of Sardasht, Mehran Qasrshirin and Baneh, one of whom died and five others were injured.

More than 64 Kurdish citizens have been arrested in various cities on political charges, and five Kurdish activists have been sentenced to a total of 15 years and nine months in prison for political and civic activities, as well as 60 lashes.

During this period, nine workers from the cities of Piranshahr, Qorveh, Miandoab, Sanandaj and Paveh lost their lives while working due to work accidents, the report adds.