They were captured, tortured and killed, but instead of the corpse, they only handed over the corpse photo to their families.

Two Kurdish citizens arrested in the city of Naqadeh in early September have been tortured to death by Urmia IRGC intelligence forces. The news was officially announced to their families today

today, Monday, November 15, after the summoning of the families of Asad Ramin and Davood Rahimi, 35, who were arrested in early September of this year, the information of the Revolutionary Guards was shown to the families of the two. They have announced that the two have lost their lives.

According to an informed source, the family of the two today demanded the delivery of the bodies of Asad and Ramin, to which they were told “there is no corpse and that is enough to know that they are no longer alive”. “Important institutions have also threatened the families of these two citizens that you do not have the right to hold a funeral.”

The car of the two citizens was shot at by the IRGC forces during their arrest, and Assad was shot several times in the thigh and Davood was wounded.

After being arrested and wounded, the two citizens were transferred to the IRGC Intelligence Detention Center in Urmia and were deprived of all the rights of a prisoner and the right to medical treatment.