The wave of arrests of political and civil activists in Iranian Kurdistan, which began on Thursday, continues, and over the past three days, more than 30 Kurdish political and civil activists have been arrested in the cities of Baneh, Marivan and Saqez.
On Saturday, 19 people were arrested in Baneh and three others in Saqez by Iranian security forces, and on Friday and Saturday, 12 others were arrested in Baneh, Saqez and Marivan.
Names of some of those arrested:
Saeed Ghaderi, Kordo Hosseinpour and Ali
Ayub Minaei, Saman Khosravi, Jamal Azizi
Abdolrahman Atashk, Mohammad Ahmadi, Farid Derakhshani, Keyvan Minooi, Idris Bahramian, Abdolrahman Afshar

The names of the other 17 detainees on the Thursday in Baneh:

“Rafigh Pezeshki, Salah Pezeshki, Behzad Pezeshki, Vafa Pezeshki, Karim Pezeshki, Abu Bakr Pezeshki, Manaf Pezeshki, Behzad Pezeshki, Farhad Pezeshki, Farzad Pezeshki, Loghman Pezeshki, Kamran Pezeshki, Saeed Ghaderi, Ebrahim Ghaderi, Osman Mohammadpour , “Jamal Morvati and Saeed Rashidi”

In the past two years, pressure on political, civil society, and environmental activists in Iranian Kurdistan has increased, and more than 200 people have been arrested over the past two years.