The intelligence forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran have arrested dozens of citizens of Baneh.

According to the report, on Thursday evening, Iranian government intelligence agents raided the homes of some citizens in the villages of Najneh, Chuman, Kopich and Namshir in the city of Baneh without providing any reason or judicial verdict, searched their homes and beat and detained a number of They did.

Names of these citizens: “Rafigh Pezeshki, Salah Pezeshki, Behzad Pezeshki, Vafa Pezeshki, Karim Pezeshki, Abu Bakr Pezeshki, Manaf Pezeshki, Behzad Pezeshki, Farhad Pezeshki, Farzad Pezeshki, Loghman Pezeshki, Kamran Pezeshki, Saeed Ghaderi, Ebrahim Ghaderi, Osman Mohammadpour , “Jamal Morvati and Saeed Rashidi” is mentioned.

It is worth mentioning that during the search of the citizens’ homes, the security forces also confiscated some of their personal belongings, including laptops, cameras, mobile phones and their books.

As of this writing, no information is available on the reason for the arrests and the charges against these citizens.