All deaths are recorded with the last breath and with the last heartbeat, but the death of the author is different.

When the words of the author die before his own death, it is a kind of death of the author.
That is why it is necessary to adhere to the originality and truth of the words he writes, because it is only the original words and the only truth that will last forever.

The most catastrophic death for the author is to write against his will something he does not believe in, something that is in the interests of others.

This is the worst death for a writer if pressures, threats and censorship prevent a writer from being able to write what is needed.

I was threatened because of some of my journalistic writings and works in the last few months, it was not only a threat, I was also punished financially and economically, I was fired and when I sent my CV to several other media outlets for no reason. They rejected it, I researched and saw that it is because of the same previous writings and my positions.

I went to one of the institutions related to asylum affairs, I discussed the issue with them, one of their employees said why are you writing something that is bothering you? What changes happen with writing?

He did not know that the real death of the author is to be deprived of the right to write! He did not know that I would die if I did not write!