They commit crimes and arrest the whistleblowers!

Iranian government intelligence forces in Baneh summoned and threatened the administrators of Instagram and Telegram channels and forced them to delete the news after the publishing news of the murder of a kolber with the identity of “Mohammad Khodaei” was carried out by the forces of the Iranian Government Border Regiment in Baneh. And they have deleted it in their channels and pages.

The Kurdistan Human Rights Association states that the security agencies of the Islamic Republic of Iran have repeatedly addressed media activists in Kurdistan over the past few months, threatening or detaining them to cover the news and violations of the rights of Kurdish citizens by the government. Have become more difficult than ever.

It should be noted that Mohammad Khodaei was shot dead by the Iranian government’s border regiment in Baneh last Thursday on the Kani Seif border.

On the other hand, according to the Kurdistan Human Rights Society, Ehsan Parsa, a journalist and environmental activist in Dorud, was arrested and transferred to prison by Iranian government forces for republishing the video of Mehrdad Fathi Biranvand, director general of the Lorestan Environment Department.

It should be noted that a video was released in the past few days in which the director general of the environment rides on the back of a worker to avoid getting wet.

Mehrdad Fathi Biranvand claimed that the video was from 6 years ago and that his complaint had been withdrawn , but the reason for the journalist’s arrest was that the video had been republished.