Human rights activists have expressed concern about the situation of Qader Mohammadzadeh, a Kurdish political prisoner who has been on a hunger strike for more than a month.

The Kurdistan Human Rights Activists Network says that Mr. Mohammadzadeh has been on a hunger strike for 35 days after 16 years in prison for exercising his right to leave, and that his health condition is unsatisfactory.

Qader Mohammadzadeh has been deported to Yazd Prison and it is difficult for his family to visit him.

Yazd prison officials have agreed to Mr. Mohammadzadeh’s leave, and a 1 billion toman bail has been handed over to judicial authorities, but the Mahabad prosecutor’s office opposes his leave.

Kaveh Kermanshahi, one of the operators of the Kurdistan Human Rights Activists Network, says: “Unfortunately, judicial authorities in areas such as Kurdistan, even in relation to political prisoners, not only do not act in accordance with these existing laws, but also place both prisoners and their families in harsh and torturous conditions through their extrajudicial powers.”