Mohammed Amini, an Iranian Kurdish journalist living in Sulaimaniyah told MEE that he has also received numerous death threats.

“This is a simple proof that Iran continues to silence its opponents outside its borders. Through targeting Kurdish activists and journalists, Iran aims to spread terror, curb and limit the impacts of its political opponents,” he said.  

Iraq: Iranian Kurdish refugees alarmed by ‘assassination’ of activist

Iranian Kurds in the Iraqi Kurdistan region concerned by murder of activist who previously received threats from Iranian security agencies

The Washington DC-based Abdorrahman Boroumand Center for Human Rights in Iran (ABC) said in a statement that in its ongoing research “It has identified more than 540 Iranians whose successful assassination or kidnapping have been attributed to Iran.”

According to the ABC’s research, most of the victims were targeted in Iran’s neighbouring countries, especially in Iraqi Kurdistan in the 1990s, where 329 people were killed.