Kurdistan region is hell for Iranian opposition, out of 540 foreign assassinations of Iranian opposition, 380 people have been assassinated in Kurdistan region

Abdul Rahman Boroumand Human Rights Center, referring to the news of the Islamic Republic’s attempt to kidnap Masih Ali Nejad, a journalist and political activist living in the United States, published a report and a statement that the Iranian government has “a long hand” in this regard and the Boroumand Foundation “in its ongoing investigation. “It has identified more than 540 Iranians whose successful murder or kidnapping is attributed to the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

The Abdul Rahman Boroumand Foundation, which works to defend human rights in Iran and is based in Washington, D.C., continued its report by emphasizing that “this number does not include all reported cases.”

According to the report, since the 1979 revolution, Islamic Republic agents have carried out hundreds of attacks on refugees in various countries, and because they have often been immune from any punishment, they have repeatedly repeated these attacks.

The report states that countries must ensure the protection of the rights of the refugees they have hosted and hold the Islamic Republic accountable for its methodical use of violence to silence dissidents and for the spread of their terror apparatus on their soil.

In its statement, the Boroumand Foundation called for a “decisive and internationally coordinated response to these crimes” and called for “providing fair, equal, and effective access to justice for victims” on “the realization of effective rights for victims, including compensation.” has emphasised.

Details of the murder or kidnapping of “540 Iranians”

Regarding the “successful” actions of the Islamic Republic in killing or abducting Iranians abroad, the Boroumand Foundation writes that Iran’s neighboring countries, as well as countries where transparency and accountability are not a priority for the government, have experienced more attacks than other countries.

According to the report, the highest number of successful attacks was carried out in Iraq (30), with the exception of Iraqi Kurdistan (380), Pakistan (30), and Turkey (28). France (13 points), Afghanistan (at least 9 points), and Germany are in the next ranks. Fewer dissidents have been killed in Austria, Switzerland, Britain, Sweden, the Netherlands, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, Tajikistan, Tanzania, the Republic of Azerbaijan, India, the Philippines, Poland, and Spain, among others.

The number of homicides peaked at more than 397 (329 in Iraqi Kurdistan) in the 1990s (and then in the 2000s) with 20 homicides identified, “declining but never stopping.” Failed. “Thus, the cases of kidnapping, disappearances, and extrajudicial killings for more than four decades have caused fear and panic among the Iranian community in exile.”

“These men and women fled the repression in their own country and thought that the countries where they had taken refuge were protecting them,” the report said. “But in most cases, the host countries failed to protect them and deprived them of justice and truth.”

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دامەزراوەیەک: ئێران 540 بەرهەڵستکاری لە دەرەوە کوشتووە یان رفاندوونی

هەرێمی کوردستان بۆتە دۆزەخ بۆ بەرهەڵستکارانی کۆماری ئیسلامی ئێران