This morning, an Iranian Kurdish political activist was assassinated in the city of Soleimani in the Iraqi Kurdistan region.
Behrouz (Rebin) Rahimi, an Iranian Kurdish political activist, was shot dead in the suburbs of Sulaymaniyah on Thursday.

The political activist, who has been living in Iraqi Kurdistan for 10 years as a refugee, worked in a warehouse in eastern Sulaymaniyah and was shot by several gunmen in a black car as he went to work, according to CCTV.
After the transfer of this political activist, he lost his life due to the severity of his injuries.
Behrouz Rahimi is a political activist and a member of the Free Life Party of Kurdistan.
In February this year, two other members of the party were assassinated on the outskirts of Sulaymaniyah province.
The party has accused Iranian security forces of assassinating its members.
More than 200 Iranian Kurdish political activists have been killed in Iraqi Kurdistan in the past 30 years.