According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Network in June, 7 Kurdish kulbers lost their lives in the border areas of the provinces of West Azerbaijan, Kurdistan and Kermanshah. One of them died of cardiac arrest on the kulbery route and one died of falling from the border heights. Three people were killed by Iranian troops and two by Turkish and Iraqi border guards. Also during this month, 10 other Kurdish kulbers were injured and disabled as a result of the shooting of the Iranian and Turkish border forces.
In June, at least five Kurdish women were killed by their family members in the cities of Darahahr, Ilam, Kermanshah and Saqez. Of these, only two have been identified as Homeira Bazgir and Galaleh Sheikhi.

On June 2, Kurdish prisoners in Buchan and Urmia prisons lost their lives due to lack of medical care and delays in being sent to medical centers outside the prison.
In this month, four Kurdish asylum seekers lost their lives while seeking asylum abroad. One died of self-immolation in protest of asylum, two in a car accident and one in cardiac arrest on the way to asylum.
In June, at least five Kurdish workers lost their lives in work-related accidents in the cities of Saqez, Kermanshah, Sardasht and Marivan.
In June, five members of the Kurdistan Free Life Party (PJAK) were killed in an ambush by forces of the Revolutionary Guards’ Shahramfar base around the cities of Baneh and Sarvabad.

In June, at least one Kurdish citizen in Sardasht and one Border Regiment soldier in Baneh were injured and disabled by a landmine.
In June, at least 19 Kurdish citizens and activists were detained by security forces in the provinces of West Azerbaijan, Kurdistan and Kermanshah. Of these, only two have been released on bail.
In June, at least five Kurdish citizens were sentenced by the Islamic Revolutionary Tribunal to three months to 40 years in prison on charges of propaganda against the regime, acting against national security, and moharebeh.
On June 23, Kurdish political prisoners in Urmia Prison, Vian Mohammadi, Shaker Behrouz, and Kayhan Mokarram, went on a hunger strike to protest their continued detention, unfair trial, and failure to consider a two-pronged plan to reduce their prison sentences.

In June, dozens of fires were reported in the forests of Thalas Babajani, Marivan, Sarvabad, Baneh and Sardasht.

لە مانگێكدا حەوت كۆڵبەر لە رۆژهەڵات گیانیان لەدەستداوە
بەپێی ئامارێكی تۆڕی مافی مرۆڤی كوردستان لە ماوەی یەك مانگی رابردوودا حەوت كۆڵبەر گیانیان لەدەستداوە و پێنج ژنیش لە رۆژهەڵات كوژراون و 19 چالاكوانی ئەو بەشەی كوردستانیش دەستگیركراون.
تۆڕی مافی مرۆڤی كوردستان بڵاویكردەوە، لە ماوەی یەك مانگی رابردوودا واتە كۆتا مانگی بەهار حەوت كۆڵبەر لە رۆژهەڵاتی كوردستان گیانیان لەدەستداوە، كە سیانیان بە تەقەی هێزە سەربازییەكانی ئێران بووە، دوو كەسیشیان بە تەقەی پاسەوانی سنوری توركیا و عێراق كوژراون و كەسیچك بە هۆی جەڵتەی دڵەوە گیانی لەدەستداوە و كۆڵبەرێكیش بەهۆی كەوتنەخوارەوە لە بەرزاییەوە مردووە.
ئەوەشی خستوەتەڕوو، كە لەو ماوەیەدا 10 كۆڵبەریش بە تەقەی هێزە سەربازییەكانی ئێران برینداربوون.
وەك تۆڕی مافی مرۆڤی كوردستان ئاماژەی بۆكردووە، لە مانگی رابردوودا، لانیكەم پێنج ژن لە ناوچە جیاجیاكانی رۆژهەڵاتی كوردستان لە لایەن كەسوكاریانەوە كوژراون.
باسی لەوەشكردووە، 19 چالاكوانی كورد لەو ماوەیەدا دەستگیركراون و دوو بەندكراوی كوردیش بە هۆی نەگواستنەوەیان بۆ نەخۆشخانە گیانیان لەدەستداوە و پێنج چالاكوانیش دادگایی كراون و سزای سێ مانگ بۆ 40 ساڵ زیندانیان بەسەردا سەپێنراوە.