The 11th anniversary of the assassination of journalist Sardasht Osman in Erbil ..
May 5 coincides with the anniversary of the assassination of the young writer and journalist Sardasht Osman.
Sardasht was abducted on May 5, 2010 in front of Salah al-Din University in Erbil, and his body was found near Mosul a few days later.
Many believe he was assassinated for writing an article entitled “I love Barzani’s daughter” in which he referred to discrimination and injustice in Iraqi Kurdistan.
Although regional security forces said at the time that the journalist had been killed by jihadist groups, Kurdish activists believe the scenario is unacceptable.
Despite the presence of security forces in front of the university, he was abducted by gunmen and expelled from Erbil despite tight controls at checkpoints between Erbil and Mosul.
A number of intellectuals and journalists have been killed in the region before and since. But in all cases the killers have not been arrested.
Sardasht Osman in one of his writings has referred to his tragic end:
We have to write as long as we are alive, and whenever I finished (I lost my life), my friend puts a dot at the end of my last sentence and continues in the next line.