Thousands of Iranian Kurds live in Iraq as political refugees.
Some of them live in three camps in the provinces of Sulaymaniyah and Erbil, and others live inside the cities of the Kurdistan region.
They were displaced because of political problems and to save their lives. Some of them have been living in Iraq for more than 40 years, but do not have any identity cards or passports.
Many of their children do not have any birth certificates.
Although they can study, they cannot be hired after graduation.
They do not have passports and can only travel in the Iraqi Kurdistan region, which means they cannot go to other Iraqi provinces.
Neither the UNHCR cares about their situation, nor the Iraqi government, nor the regional government.
Life is difficult for the main inhabitants of Iraq and the Kurdistan region, but it is much more difficult for the displaced people and refugees who have no rights.
Their desire is to achieve the most basic rights of every human being, but they are deprived of it and there is no horizon for the realization of this desire.
In fact, they live in a blind area, where no one can see them. Forgotten people, people who live in a big prison.
In addition to all these legal, economic and social problems, they also have a bigger problem, and that is the threats of Iran and its security forces.
In the last 30 years, more than 200 Iranian Kurdish refugees have been assassinated by Iranian security forces on Iraqi soil.

Transfer to a third country or the issuance of an Iraqi identity card is the minimum request of these refugees.
But the United Nations has forgotten them, and there are no refugee laws in Iraq.
After decades of living in Iraqi Kurdistan, these refugees have neither integrated with the host community nor made any economic or social progress, as they have been given virtually no opportunity, deprived of political rights such as voting, and no regional government program. They are not given importance.
Forgotten prisoners and Residents of blind area live in fear and horror and look to the future with despair.