freedom of speech freedom of the press concept hand holding a fountain pen wrapped in an iron chain on a black background

Sometimes I feel ashamed, not because of what I have written through you, but because of the things I do not write, the things I should have written.

You know, if I cannot breathe, you will be silent.

There are many who want you and me to be silent.

I’m ashamed, but one day I will write it all down, we have a lot of work to do together.

Sometimes the walls move to my side, my room becomes smaller than the grave. My lungs get smaller and smaller, I hear the cracking sound of my chest, the arteries of my brain rupture one by one.

My hands are numb, my fingers can’t hold, but I can bear it.

I feel the razor of censorship on your throat and my throat.

Be patient.. These hard days are coming to an end.

Neither you nor I are for sale.

The truth can not be bought with any money, I undertake to write only the truth with you.

 Neither you nor I will fail

Sometimes we have to be silent, but this is temporary, we start again, like a tired warrior in an unequal battle, we just rest a little and return to the battle.