Reporters Without Borders has named the Scandinavian countries as the best countries for journalists in its report this year.
For the fifth year in a row Norway
In the first place, the best countries have been selected for the freedom of journalism.
Finland, Sweden and Denmark are next.

The report also cites Turkey, Iraq, Syria, and Iran as among the countries that exert the most pressure, rights violations, and censorship on the media and journalists.
Turkey ranks 153rd, Iraq 163rd, Syria 173rd and Iran 174th.
Referring to the Iranian government’s pressure on journalists and citizen-journalists, the report said, “Government officials, in addition to curbing information in the traditional and official media and on the Internet, have increased threats, summonses, arrests and convictions of journalists and citizen-journalists.” On the other hand, Iran has issued or carried out the largest number of death sentences against journalists in the last 50 years.Ruhollah Zam, director of the news site and the Telegram channel Amadnews, “He was hanged.”
At the bottom of the table are countries like China, Turkmenistan, North Korea and Eritrea as the worst countries for journalists, countries with totalitarian political systems that are a hell for the media and journalists.

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