17 years ago, when I was in my third year of university in Tehran, I usually visited first-year students on a regular basis, especially those who were from my hometown.

The first year of university is a critical stage, as some students are separated from their families for the first time, facing a larger environment and new problems.

Some of them needed more time to adapt to this new environment.

Some of my friends and I tried to share our experiences with them and help them solve problems.

One night when I went to one of their rooms in the university dormitory, I saw him in a strange state.

His only body was there, he did not pay attention to my words or jokes, he was staring at the window and did not say a word at all.

I thought of him when I returned to my room and in my bed.

I can not sleep, there was an unusual problem, I can not easily ignore it.

I finally made up my mind, got up, and went back to his room.

 He was still not asleep, sitting in the same chair near the window, staring out, his gaze was unknown. He did not even notice that I had entered the room, he may not have noticed at all that I had left his room an hour earlier.

I tapped him on the shoulder and invited him to go out for a walk together.

While walking, I asked about his condition, and he said: I am not bad.

When I asked him why he was thinking, he said, “Nothing.”

He was disappointing me with his short answers. But I insisted, I talked so much, that from his short answers I realized that he had come to the conclusion that he had reached the end of the line, and that meant he had decided to commit suicide.

I was shocked, I had to do something, I had to influence him, I talked to him about everything I had read in books and experienced in life, but to no avail, he had made his decision, I suddenly said, “It’s never too late to die.” Recognize no end before you are sure there is no beginning behind it, let it come to an end, if you reach a dead end go back and find another way, if there is no other way collapse the dead end wall if you can not climb it But remember, it ‘s never too late to die, let death come by itself. I told him about the enthusiasm of a number of people with disabilities, some of the people with cancer, some of the poor who need their bread, I told him. And I said. I said again, it is never too late to end, human art is continuing, not in the end ..

A few nights ago, I received a letter from my friend that read, “It’s never too late to die,” and he is now a successful man, both at work and in his private life.