According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, 25 Kurdish civil activists were arrested by Iranian security forces in February.
The arrests are a continuation of a wave of arrests that began earlier this year.
In the first month of this year, 130 civil activists have been arrested, , only a few of whom have been released on bail and temporarily.
Last year, 258 Kurdish political and civil activists were arrested.

Also, according to the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, two Kurds were executed in prison in February, and six Kurdish citizens were executed this year.
Last year, 44 Kurdish citizens were executed.

The Kurdistan Human Rights Association also reported that 7 kulbars (workers between Iran and Iraq border) were shot dead by Iranian forces last month, and 12 kulbars were injured.
Last year, 70 Culbers were killed and 176 kulbars were injured.

Due to the Iranian government’s obstruction of the activities of independent and international associations to monitor the human rights situation, this statistic is a small part of human rights violations in Iranian Kurdistan.