On Wednesday, 24 Feb 2021 two brothers named Abdullah and Osman Naderi were killed by direct fire from the Revolutionary Guards.
According to information received by the Kurdistan Human Rights Society, the two brothers were targeted by Revolutionary Guards on the Piranshahr-Shinabad road and shot dead.
A reliable source told KMMK that the Revolutionary Guards first shot and wounded the two brothers without warning, and then shot and killed them both in the head.
It is noteworthy that Abdullah Naderi had a history of joining the Kurdistan Free Life Party (PJAK) and it is possible that the Revolutionary Guards assassinated them with the previous aim.
Until the news was published, the bodies of both victims were kept in the Iranian government’s intelligence office in the city of Piranshahr and their transfer to the hospital was prevented.
This reliable source of the Kurdistan Human Rights Society stated that no one is allowed to approach the bodies of the victims.
Kurdistan Human Rights Association