Unofficial reports from Saravan in Sistan and Baluchestan Province indicate that the families of a number of fuel smugglers entered the city governorate and clashed with police.

On Monday HRANA news agency reported that at least two civilians were killed and two others were wounded when Revolutionary Guards fired on a group of fuel smugglers in the border areas of Saravan city.

Some other news sources reported that “10 people were killed” and 5 of the fuel users were injured.

According to the report, Revolutionary Guards forces closed and dug holes in the zero points of the border to prevent fuel movement, and a number of them appeared in front of the IRGC base demanding the reopening of the border, but were shot by IRGC forces, which resulted in death. Some became Colburns.

Mohammad Hadi Marashi, Sistan and Baluchestan governor’s deputy security chief, confirmed that two fuel smugglers had been killed, saying that one of them had been shot dead by Pakistani government border guards.

He also referred to the attack on the Saravan governor’s office and said that some people dispersed after “breaking the governor’s windows”.

In the videos that were published today on social networks, especially Twitter, a number of families of the injured fuel users entered the Saravan governorate building.

The Telegram channel of the Baloch Activists Campaign also wrote that security forces fired “bullets and exercises” at protesters in order to disperse protesters who had gathered in front of the city governor’s office to kill “dozens” of fuel fired by the IRGC.

The campaign reported that a number of protesters had been injured by gunfire and tear gas, but did not say how many had been killed.

In the videos posted on social media, in addition to the chaos and damage inside the Saravan governor’s building, the sound of gunfire can also be heard from outside the governor’s building.

Other videos tear gas at protesters in the streets to run and catch fire a police car is visible.