Imagine ..
You are surrounded and there is an abyss in front of you and behind you are those who want to silence you.
You have no choice but to shout only when you are thrown to the bottom of the valley, or to surrender quietly and head down and humiliated!
Hide the truth, do not speak and hide the words that are like your children .. Forget your commitment and responsibility ..
Shut down your thoughts and take your desires and actions into shape, say what they want and become what they want, not who you are and should be!
What is left of you but a moving corpse, an extra burden on the earth, a useless consumer of air!
If you do not give up, they will take away your peace
Make death so close that you can even hear its footsteps in your sleep!
Every time you leave the house, look at your loved ones with all your being, and maybe every time is the last look and the last farewell.
When you come out of the door, look carefully at the whole alley, suspect any strangers, and constantly look behind you and around you.
Every time you return home, go back a different way and go until you are sure that they will not chase you and do not know your address.
Check the door and window several times a night and then go to sleep and sometimes wake up and check the door and window again, lest they fall asleep and keep you silent forever!
Before your kids get used to the color of the walls and the shape of the house and can make friends in a new neighborhood, you have to change the house.
All this because of writing … is it worth it? Certainly, writing and telling the truth is a responsibility and the struggle to stay is just to write more and say more .. I write so I am and I will stay, writing brightens my soul and elevates my thoughts …
If they throw me to the bottom of the valley, I will deafen them with my Shout, and the echo and reverberation of my voice will be like a nightmare for them to take sleep away from Their eyes at night.
Because my soul flows in my writings and will stay and I will stay ..