Years ago, when I was less than twenty years old, I sometimes wrote poetry.
In those years, I was a member of the literary association of our city.
Sometimes I also wrote stories.
Some of my poems were published in Iranian Kurdish literary magazines such as Avier, Sirwan and Sirwe.
Unfortunately, the security forces destroyed my poetry book, and I said goodbye to poetry after I started working as a journalist in 2003.
One of my poems was very well received and many friends still remember it .. A poem called “You”


One step from me to you
From you to me thousands steps
The brightness of my eyes
They illuminate two paths ahead
And your house
I’m an island in you
Like the sea
Drown me
Or tolerate me
You know how much I love you
As much as you hate me

The video is related to the Baneh Literary Association, it is a photo of people who collaborated with the association between 1989 and 2000, my photo is in 2:10 .

#محه‌مه‌د ئه‌مینی