We were able to return to work on December 20 after security forces withdrew from the NRT Channel headquarters on December 19.
Inside the building, especially the distribution room, was completely destroyed.
Due to the destruction of the network system, we had to do the daily work in the newsroom in the most basic method.
On the first day of work after the reopening of the channel, I prepared two reports.
The first was about the reaction of domestic and foreign organizations to the closure and cessation of NRT broadcasting.
In this report, I referred to the positions of organizations such as the Committee for the Protection of CPJ Journalists, the Reporters Without Borders (RSF) and the International Union of IFG Journalists, as well as the ambassadors of countries in Iraq, regarding pressure on the media in Kurdistan.

In the second report, I addressed the issue of tension between Iran and the United States, especially the recent military movements and the suspicious flights of American fighters over some cities in the Kurdistan region.