Elliott Abrams, the US special envoy for Iran

Elliott Abrams, the US special envoy for Iran, says the Islamic Republic has no “doubts” about abducting and killing journalists, and that the IRGC is “proud” of its actions in this regard.

Mr. Abrams made the remarks in a video conference with the United Against Nuclear Iran group on Tuesday, December 16th, referring to the abduction and execution of Ruhollah Zam, director of the Amnnews Telegram channel.
According to the Tehran Public and Revolutionary Prosecutor’s Office, Ruhollah Zam was executed at dawn on December 13th. Living in France, he was abducted on a trip to Iraq in September 1998 and brought to Iran.
Elliott Abrams went on to say that the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps “proudly” published pictures of him after his abduction, and that the Islamic Republic “kidnapped and executed” this “journalist” who opposed the regime.

The US Special Envoy for Iran called the Islamic Republic a “ruthless and extremist” regime that had previously executed wrestling champion Navid Afkari to “intimidate” protesters.

He added that the Islamic Republic does not hesitate to violate international laws and norms in order to “exercise power and control.”

Abrams added that for this reason, preventing the Islamic Republic from acquiring weapons of mass destruction is of “special” importance.

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