Turkish state television has reported that MIT, a Turkish intelligence agency, has arrested members of an 11-member network linked to Iran’s intelligence services, run by a drug trafficker who “kidnapped or killed opponents of the Iranian government.”

Earlier, the Washington Post reported on the arrest of members of the network, citing a Turkish intelligence official.

According to Turkish Theater TV, the 11-member network, in its latest act, dragged Farjullah Chaab, known as Habib Asyud, the former leader of the Nizal Movement, to Turkey and transferred him to Iran after his abduction.

The operation to bring Mr. Asiud to Turkey and abduct him was carried out with the help of his ex-wife, M. Saberin.

Ms. Saberin has succeeded in bringing Habib Assoud to Turkey by promising to start exporting wood from Sweden and starting joint ventures.

The Washington Post also reported on Ms. Saberin, saying that Ms. Saberin had previously lent her 100,000 euros, given that Habib Assioud was heavily in debt.

According to these reports, Ms. Saberin returned to Tehran after the abduction of Habib Assoud.

The Ministry of Intelligence of the Islamic Republic of Iran confirmed the arrest of Habib Asyud on November 13th, announcing the news of his arrest, and wrote that he had been arrested “through specialized and combined actions by the anonymous soldiers of Imam Zaman.”

On the evening of November 13, Iranian state television broadcast a short video of Mr. Assioud’s confession, in which he said that three members of the group had been involved in an armed attack on an armed forces parade in Ahvaz on September 22, 2017.

The “Harakat al-Nidal” group, also known as the “Arab Movement for the Liberation of Al-Ahwaz”, has been active since 2005 and says it is fighting for “the independence of Khuzestan province and its separation from Iran.”

The Ministry of Intelligence of the Islamic Republic of Iran claims that the “Harakat al-Nidal” group is a “terrorist” group and is under the “direct support of the intelligence services” of Saudi Arabia and Israel, and has identified Habib Assoud as the “main perpetrator” of the bloody terrorist attack in Ahvaz on September 22, 2018. Is.

According to a report by Turkish TV, the arrested network involved in the abduction of Mr. Asyud operates under the supervision of “Naji Sharifi Zindashti” and that the well-known smuggler was linked to Iran’s intelligence services.

The Washington Post also reported on the role of Mr. Zindashti, who is now on the run, and wrote that the murder of Massoud Molavi Vardanjani was also carried out with the complicity of the smuggler.

Massoud Molavi Vardanjani was shot and killed on November 14, 2019, in the shishli district of Istanbul.

Massoud Molavi Vardanjani

Prior to his death, he had made revelations against the IRGC and the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence in cyberspace.

Reuters reported at the time that two Iranian diplomats were involved in the assassination of Massoud Molavi. The United States also blamed his killing on Iran’s intelligence ministry.

Mr. Zindashti, who is also said to have been “spying” for Iran, was arrested and imprisoned about a decade ago on charges of heroin trafficking in Turkey.

He was also arrested in 2018 on murder charges in Turkey, but six months later the Turkish government released him in a move that was described as controversial.

According to the Washington Post, Turkish Vice President Bohran Kozu, who recently died of the Corona virus, is said to have been involved in his release.

my report on radionawa:

توركیا 11 كه‌سی به‌ تۆمه‌تی سیخۆڕی بۆ ئێران ده‌ستگیركرد

میدیای فه‌رمی توركیا بڵاویكرده‌وه‌، ده‌زگای هه‌واڵگری ئه‌و وڵاته‌ 11 كه‌سی به‌ تۆمه‌تی سیخۆڕی بۆ ئێران ده‌ستگیركردووه‌، كه‌ له‌ ژێر سه‌رپه‌رشتی كه‌سێكی قاچاخچی ماده‌ی هۆشبه‌ردا ده‌ستیان له‌ كوشتن و رفاندنی به‌رهه‌ڵستكارانی ئێراندا هه‌بووه‌.
به‌پێی هه‌واڵی كه‌ناڵی تی ئاڕ تی توركیا، دوایین كرده‌وه‌ ئه‌و گروپه‌ سیخۆڕه‌ رفاندن و گواستنه‌وه‌ی حه‌بیبوڵا چه‌عب سه‌ركرده‌ی پێشووی بزوتنه‌وه‌ی رزگاریخوازی ئه‌حواز بووه‌ له‌ توركیاوه‌ بۆ ئێران.
پێشتریش واشنتۆن پۆست بڵاویكردبوه‌وه‌، كۆتایی مانگی ئۆكتۆبه‌ری ئه‌مساڵ حه‌بیبوڵا چه‌عب به‌ فێڵ له‌ لایه‌ن هاوسه‌ری پێشوویه‌وه‌ بانگهێشتی توركیا كراوه‌ و له‌وێوه‌ به‌ هاوكاری گروپێكی قاچاخچی ماده‌ی هۆشبه‌ر گواستراوه‌ته‌وه‌ بۆ ئێران.
ئه‌و گروپه‌ هه‌روه‌ها تۆمه‌تبارن به‌وه‌ی ساڵی رابردوو مه‌سعود مه‌وله‌وی وه‌ردجانی چالاكوانی به‌رهه‌ڵستكاری ئێرانیان له‌ ئه‌سته‌نبوڵ كوشتووه‌.
ئه‌و چالاكوانه‌ چه‌ند به‌ڵگه‌نامه‌یه‌كی له‌ دژی سوپای پاسداران بڵاوكردبوه‌وه‌.
ماوه‌یه‌كه‌ ئێران به‌ چڕ هه‌وڵی رفاندن و گواستنه‌وه‌ی به‌رهه‌ڵستكارانی ده‌دات له‌ ده‌ره‌وه‌ی وڵاته‌كه‌ی و تائێستا چه‌ند كه‌سێك له‌ وڵاتانی دراوسێوه‌ رفاندووه‌.
یه‌ك له‌وانه‌ روحوڵا زه‌م رۆژنامه‌نوسی به‌رهه‌ڵستكار بوو، كه‌ دوای ئه‌وه‌ی له‌ به‌غدا رفێنرا، رۆژی شه‌ممه‌ 12 ی كانونی یه‌كه‌می ئه‌مساڵ له‌سێداره‌درا.