On Friday, a public demonstration was held in front of the Sulaimaniyah governor’s office at 1:30 pm, at the call of the “Congress of Dissatisfied Voices” group.

Security forces arrested five protest organizers, Abdullah Mullah Nouri and Shirko Mohammad Amin, and Ms. Peyman Izz al-Din, former members of the Kurdistan Parliament, and Osman Golpi and Aziz Raouf, a writer and journalist, and deployed a large number of troops and war machines. Inside the governor’s office.

As soon as the security forces began to gather, they attacked the demonstrators and tried to disperse the crowd by throwing tear gas.

The old man retired and suffered from heartburn and shortness of breath due to tear gas, and said that he had received a four-month pension this year.

Four members of parliament who were planning to come to Sulaymaniyah from Erbil were stopped at a checkpoint between the two cities and were not allowed to enter Sulaymaniyah.

A number of other members of parliament also attended the rally.

Unlike the demonstrations of the previous days, the presence of women in the demonstrations on Friday in Sulaimaniyah was colorful and a number of these active women were also hit by tear gas.

“O slaves of our domination, we have taken to the streets because of your monthly salary,” a woman in parliament shouted at the security forces. Several members of parliament also suffered from shortness of breath and burning eyes.

Security forces arrested many activists and journalists, including my colleague Karzan Tariq, an NRT reporter.

Security forces led people to the streets and alleys around the governor’s office.

Repeated firing of tear gas injured several people.

I also suffered from eye irritation, vomiting, severe headaches and shortness of breath.

In one of the alleys of Bakhtiari neighborhood, while I was suffering from eye pain and headache, two security forces took my camera and after insulting me  and beating me a little, they took my camera memory and I was lucky, that they did not arrested me.

At the same time, protests continued in the cities of Rania, Darbandikhan, Chamchamal, Kfri and kalar, and violence began in these cities.

For almost a week now, protests have been taking place in some cities in Sulaimaniyah province against the worsening economic situation, the non-payment of monthly salaries to government employees and the problems of public services.

So far, 10 protesters and two members of the security and military forces have been killed in violence by security forces and members of the ruling parties.

Rallies and demonstrations are not allowed in Erbil and other areas controlled by the Iraqi Kurdistan Democratic Party.

Following the arrest of Erbil activists, security forces arrested Hevars Shawani in the Azadi neighborhood of the city.

On the other hand, the Security Committee of Sulaymaniyah Province announced that they will continue to arrest activists and those who violate the order not to hold rallies.