On Thursday, December 10, the protests continued in a more limited way in Rania, Qala, Dizah, and Kefri.
In Kefri, a demonstrator named Shawan was shot dead and another was wounded in front of the headquarters of the Iraqi Kurdistan Democratic Party.

One of the wounded in recent days was also killed in Seyed Sadegh.
So far, 10 demonstrators and two others have been killed and more than 70 injured in protests in the Kurdistan Region.
On the other hand, a group called the “Congregation of dissatisfied voices” has called on the people of Iraqi Kurdistan to take part in a mass march on Friday, December 11th.
The New Generation Movement, one of the opposition parties, has announced that it will take part in the protests.
Also in the Qasri area of ​​Erbil province, Iraqi Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) forces have arrested 7 teenagers on charges of attempting to hold a rally and demonstration.

Demonstrations to protest the deteriorating financial situation and the delay in paying the monthly salaries of government employees began last week and are continuing.
Following the international reactions of the French Consulate in Erbil, it has condemned the recent violence.