This is the second time in a year that Kurdish cultural activist Anisa Jafari Mehr has been arrested.

In December of last year, he was arrested by the Revolutionary Guards intelligence service and released on bail after several hours of interrogation. This morning, security forces arrested him again in Shabad (Islamabad), Kermanshah.

Anisa_Jafari_Mehr holds a Master’s degree in Linguistics and is a member of the Writers’ Council of the Literary and Artistic Quarterly “J”. His activity has been in the field of Kurdish language and literature, especially the southern dialect. A dialect that, in the absence of any education or support system, would have been defeated by the center’s assimilation policy if it did not have the Anisa.

She is the wife of Jiar Jahanfard, a Kurdish writer living in Germany and a member of the Kurdish Pen Center.

According to statistics from the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, 237 citizens have been arrested in Kurdistan since the beginning of this year by the Iranian government’s security services.