There were five of them, a man and a woman and their three children, in the hope of a better life and a brighter tomorrow, fleeing from oppression and injustice, and their boat being wrecked in the English Channel, dashed their hopes and took their lives.

They were from Sardasht, a border town in Iranian Kurdistan.

According to the representative of this small border town, 700 people have migrated from this small town in the last two months.

The tragic death of these people became the headlines of many media outlets, I said to myself that I wish the difficult and sad life of these asylum seekers was also worth the news.

My report on this:

A Kurdish family of five who were trying to reach British territory from northern France, between the cities of Calais and Dunkirk, drowned after being hit by high waves and stormy seas.

The Dunkirk city governor confirmed the news on Tuesday. The passengers of this boat were Rasoul Irannejad, his wife Shiva Mohammadpanahi and three children aged 9, 6 and 15 months. Khalil Irannejad wanted to join his brother’s family in Britain.

According to the Dunkirk governor’s office, which has launched a special investigation into the deaths of the five Iranians, at least 20 people were on board. Dunkirk and Calais are hospitalized.

Another occupant of the boat is reported to be in critical condition and is being treated in the intensive care unit.

به‌هۆی نقومبوونی به‌له‌مه‌وه‌ پێنج ئه‌ندامی خێزانێكی كورد گیانیان له‌ده‌ستدا

به‌هۆی نقومبوونی به‌له‌مێكی هه‌ڵگری كۆچبه‌رانی نایاسایی له‌ نێوان فه‌ره‌نسا و به‌ریتانیا پێنج ئه‌ندامی خێزانێكی كوردی خه‌ڵكی رۆژهه‌ڵاتی كوردستان خنكان.
به‌پێی زانیارییه‌كان به‌له‌می ئه‌و كۆچبه‌رانه‌ به‌ 20 سه‌رنشینه‌وه‌ كه‌ زۆرینه‌یان خه‌ڵكی باشور و رۆژهه‌ڵاتی كوردستان بوون، له‌ كه‌ناڵی مانش نقومبووه‌ و له‌ ئه‌نجامدا پێنج ئه‌ندامی خێزانێك كه‌ پێكهاتبوون له‌ باوك و دایكێك و سێ منداڵیان گیانیان له‌ده‌ستداوه‌ و 15 سه‌رنشینی تری به‌له‌مه‌كه‌ رزگار كراون.
ئه‌و خێزانه‌ خه‌ڵكی شاری سه‌رده‌شتی رۆژهه‌ڵاتی كوردستان بوون و ناوه‌كانیان به‌م جۆره‌یه‌:
رەسوڵ ئێران نژاد 35 ساڵ
شیوا محەمەدپەناهی 35 ساڵ
ئانیتا ئێران نژاد 9 ساڵ
ئارمین ئێران نژاد 6 ساڵ
ئارتین ئێران نژاد 15 مانگ
بۆریس جۆنسۆن سه‌رۆك وه‌زیرانی به‌ریتانیا له‌ په‌یامێكدا هاوخه‌می خۆی بۆ كه‌سوكاری ئه‌و بنه‌ماڵه‌یه‌ ده‌ربڕیوه‌ و هۆشداریشی داوه‌ته‌ ئه‌و قاچاخچیانه‌ی به‌ رێگه‌ی پڕمه‌ترسی له‌و جۆره‌ هه‌وڵی گواستنه‌وه‌ی كۆچبه‌ران ده‌ده‌ن بۆ وڵاته‌كه‌ی.
ساڵانه‌ به‌ سه‌دان كۆچبه‌ر له‌ كاتی گه‌یشتن به‌ وڵاتانی ئه‌وروپی به‌هۆی نقومبوونی به‌له‌مه‌كانیان گیان له‌ده‌ستده‌ده‌ن.