His body was found in Kirkuk ten days after he was abducted on the Khanaqin-Kalar road.
Murad Baghi, known as Safa Kalhori, was a native of Iranian Kurdistan and a resident of the city of Kalar in Iraqi Kurdistan.
He was a professor at Kalar University for nearly a year.
The place of abduction and also the place where the body of this Iranian Kurdish academician was found is under the influence of the popular mobilization forces. A loyal force under the command of Iran.
Although police have so far remained silent about the abduction and murder of the university professor, friends and relatives say Murad Baghi was most likely assassinated.
In March this year, gunmen attacked the home of Adnan Rashidi, an Iranian Kurdish human rights activist in the Iraqi Kurdish city of Panjwin. After torturing and taking his wife and child hostage, the assailants forced him to give them his tools, hard drive, mobile phone, and computer.
Two years ago in the same city, Iqbal Moradi, who, like Adnan Rashidi, was a member of the leadership council of the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, was assassinated, a terror attributed to Iran.
In 2018, several other Kurdish opponents of the Iranian government were assassinated in Iraqi Kurdistan.
My report on this on the website of the Kurdistan Human Rights Association and another link to the news of the murder of an Iranian Kurdish academic in Iraqi Kurdistan, which was published on the NRT website:

گەرمیان:تەرمی مامۆستایەکی رۆژھەڵاتی ڕفێندراو لە کەرکووک دۆزرایەوە

تەرمی مامۆستایەکی پێشووی زانکۆی گەرمیان بە کوژراوی دۆزرایەوە