According to statistics recorded by the Kurdpa Human Rights Organization’s Statistics Center, during the first six months of the year, a total of three Kurdish citizens were generally sentenced to prison and other sentences by the Islamic Republic of Iran’s judiciary on “security” charges.

The minimum sentence was 2 months in prison and the maximum was execution.

How the rulings:

Sentence for the execution of a political and ideological prisoner: ٢ Case
Prison: 221 years, 9 months and 3 days
Suspended prison: 28 years and 3 months
Whips: 304 blows
Deportation to prison in remote areas: 1 case
Fine: 250 million Tomans

Charge at the time of sentencing:

Cooperation with one of the Kurdish opposition parties in Iran: 29 cases
Propaganda against the system: 18 cases
Participation in the protests in December 2017 in Baneh in protest of the Colbran massacre: 10 cases
Action against national security: 10 cases
Disturbance of public order: 6 cases
Membership in religious extremist groups: 4 cases
Ghasem Soleimani banner burning: 3 cases
Participation in rallies for the purpose of riots: 2 cases
Espionage for hostile states: 2 cases
Community and collusion: 2 cases
Rebellion and insult to the government and officials: 1 case
Illegal border crossing: 1 case
Carrying and buying and selling weapons: 1 item
Membership in anti-regime communities: 1 case
Publishing lies: 1 case
Moharebeh (enmity with God): 1 case

The scope of activity of a number of people is known:

7 religious activists
5 environmental activists
5 cultural activists
4 Journalists
3 civil activists
2 political prisoners
1 Women’s rights activist
1 Labor activist
1 member of the National Unity Party
1 former university professor
1 of the detainees in November